In my first post, I talked about how and why I implanted a chip into my hand. Now I want to go over what good it brought me. First of all, It's just plain cool. It just works great as a showpiece just like every other body mod (piercing, tattoo, earrings, etc). For me, it also doubles as a shortcut to my website. As a gag when talking to recruiters or other persons, I want to connect with to quickly give them my socials. This might be a case of "just me" but my name and therefore my LinkedIn handle is a bit annoying to communicate via speech so I am always a fan of skipping this part.

Outside of that these chips can serve multiple purposes at the same time. Phones can easily read the URLs or contact info on those chips but these chips also have a unique id that can be used to run automation or can be used as a password. Where a phone reads a URL, a normal NFC reader reads an ID so there is no manual switching or anything like that.

Just some quick examples.

  • Opening your door with your hand by connecting your smart lock to your implant.

  • Run automation when coming home. Specific to you and isolated from your phone location

  • (When supported) Enter your gym without having keys or similar

Integrating this chip into your applications is also quite easy. There is always a library that allows you to read and write to that chip. On that note should be said: be careful what you write to it because... you know... it's in your hand and if you brick it you have a bad time.

I want to state that I am always happy to answer questions in regards to this implant because when I started to snoop around the internet for info about this, it always felt quite hard to get someone to talk about that. So feel free to reach out. P.S. Please don't contact me if you want to send me a bible or tell me that I now bear the mark of the beast or stuff like that.