Before I explain how and why I have a chip in my hand. First, let's talk about what NFC even is. NFC stands for Near Field Communication. It's more or less the same technology that feeds your wireless charging. It is used to transport data and power over a short distance. This data can be anything from a website link to a whole game if you wanted.

With that out of the way. Let's talk about the how aspect. I ordered an X3 NFC Implant from I Am Robot. There you can order a complete package with a voucher for implantation for around 120€. This is as easy as ordering, going to the piercer, and being done. the whole process took around 10 minutes and was more or less painless.

Now for the why. There were two reasons I was curious about this implant. The first one was just to be able to play around with the technology. The second one was that I just got annoyed with all those wanna-be scientists talking about bill gates and how he wants to chip us all with those vaccines.

Now, half a year later, I learned much about this technology and I will share my insights here on my website so keep an eye out