Developed by 3urobeat, this NodeJS app manages your network of Steam bot accounts. This includes writing comments, upvoting images, threads, or just basic friend list management.

Getting involved in that seemed interesting to me, after digging through the code and understanding the general code environment. The idea of a REST API came up. since they had a plugin system in planning, we thought this would be the perfect stress test for this platform. So the Rest API was born. I started to juggle developing the API, Frontend, and the underlying plugin system.

Building the API was more complicated than I thought because of the number of calls that had to be possible. I decided to go with an RPC style of endpoints to make it easier to understand and work with.

RPC allowed me to build the endpoints in an Object-oriented way. so that they always followed the pattern${Class}.${Method}?params

This is not only awesome for my structure but also for the SDK file that I included